10+ Creepy Santa Claus Photos That Will Definitely Wreck Apart Your Christmas

You better watch out for scary Santas 1 min

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  1. 1 Speaking of demons, this Santa looks like he is in need of an exorcism:

  2. 2 I'm pretty sure that is Jigsaw from the Saw movies in that Santa costume:

  3. 3 You know what a Santa photo doesn't need? A frightening clown!

  4. 4 This Santa looks like he has some serious anger issues:

  5. 5 What demon from the depths of hell created this Santa?!

  6. 6 This kid is probably wondering why Santa is using him as a crutch:

  7. 7 So is this Santa supposed to be an aging werewolf?

  8. 8 This little girl just realized Santa is about to drop her:

  9. 9 This kid's face says it all:

  10. 10 This Santa looks like he put way too much bourbon in his milk:

  11. 11 This photo was taken seconds before this Santa dropped dead of old age:

  12. 12 OK, this just looks like the corpse of one the Seven Dwarfs:

  13. 13 And I really want to know why this Santa is wearing blue eyeshadow:

  14. 14 I really want to know why in the hell that Santa has a black eye:

  15. 15 OMG, those eyes!!!

  16. 16 To be honest, it might have been the burning smell of alcohol coming off Santa that made this toddler cry:

  17. 17 I'm pretty sure this is just an evil warlock in Santa drag:

  18. 18 Nope. Nope. Nope.

  19. 19 This Santa looks like he is holding back a bad case of the hangover barfs:

  20. 20 While this Santa apparently just showed up drunk:

  21. 21 This just looks like some kind of horrible Eyes Wide Shut fever dream:

Source: BuzzFeed

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