10+ Gravity Defying Things That Will Make Bobby Hill Meditate To Understand How TF That Happened

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  1. 1 Mountain Goats Don't Give A Sh*t About Your Gravity

  2. 2 Ice Mold Staying In Place After Driving Away

  3. 3 The Way My Cup Broke

  4. 4 Pic Of Noodles At -60°C: Concordia Research Station, Antarctica

  5. 5 Windy Day In The Northeast Caused These Icicles To Form Sideways

  6. 6 Bro, Do You Even Inertia?

  7. 7 Who Needs Thumbs, When You've Got Things Handled

  8. 8 Ice Sheet Holding Onto Trees After Flood Subsides

  9. 9 My Boyfriend's Cat Likes To Sleep Against The Wall

  10. 10 Saw These Stacked Stone Arches At The Beach This Morning

  11. 11 The Tilt Of The Cruise Ship Makes It Look Like The Water Isn't Obeying The Law Of Gravity

  12. 12 Gecko Chilling Out On The Water's Surface Tension Of My Fishtank

  13. 13 Snow Is Curling Off This Roof

  14. 14 This Kid At My School Likes To Stack Pencils

  15. 15 I Always Thought Jesus Was A Shepherd, Not A Husky

  16. 16 These Magnets Are Stocked Past The End

  17. 17 How Do I Turn The Anti-Gravity Setting Off On My Dog?

  18. 18 Found An Icicle Held Only By A Spider's Web

  19. 19 A Japanese 1 Yen Coin Is So Light It Won't Even Break Surface Tension On Water

  20. 20 I Don't Want To Do It Again

  21. 21 Because Who Needs Physics?

  22. 22 My Cat’s Balancing Act

  23. 23 137 Drops Of Water On A Penny

  24. 24 Here Are Some Bowling Balls I Stacked

  25. 25 How's This For A Pringle Ringle Border Collie Border?

  26. 26 My Friends Love To Balance Stuff

  27. 27 This Perfectly Balanced Piece Of Driftwood On The Edge Of The Dam I Photographed. It Had Been Balanced Like That For At Least A Week, Since My First Visit There

  28. 28 This Stack Of Pianos On A Beach At Low Tide

  29. 29 Cannot Tell If Broken Or Upgraded

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