10+ Lovely Comics That Illustrate All Highs And Lows Of Sharing Bed With Your Partner

These comics are so romantic... and weird 1 min

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  1. 1 When you might have eaten a little snack on your partner’s side of the bed:

  2. 2 When you finally buy a bigger bed and end up squished on the same side anyway:

  3. 3 When you love someone so much you don’t even mind their morning breath:

  4. 4 When you have long hair and this becomes the norm:

  5. 5 When sex just isn’t on the menu:

  6. 6 When you can’t sleep, so you decide your partner shouldn’t be able to sleep, either:

  7. 7 When you ruin a perfectly romantic moment with a fart:

  8. 8 When you’re both so exhausted you agree that showering before bed is a big ol’ nope:

  9. 9 Or when your hair is all up in your partner’s grill:

  10. 10 When your dagger-like toenails make cuddling a dangerous activity:

  11. 11 When you can’t agree on the proper way to make the bed:

  12. 12 When your partner has to get up before you and you get the bed all to yourself:

  13. 13 When your partner’s snoring brings out the worst in you:

  14. 14 When your partner turns on the lights and you lose your damn mind:

  15. 15 When your partner can sleep through practically anything ― just not your little reading light:

  16. 16 When your partner has the world’s tiniest bladder

  17. 17 When you make your butts kiss because you’re a weirdo in love:

  18. 18 When you can’t stay comfortable, no matter how hard you try:

  19. 19

  20. 20

  21. 21

  22. 22

  23. 23

Source: Huffpost

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