10+ Pictures Every Couple Should See At Least Once Before Having Kids

Ah yes, the weekly reminder of why I don't have kids. 1 min

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  1. 1 Don't Let Your Child Use Your Laptop

  2. 2 "Mom, He's Too Hot And He Needs A Fan." Imagine Waking Up To This

  3. 3 Baking & Prepping For Her 1-Year-Old's Birthday Party

  4. 4 I Heard This Kid Yelling For His Dad At Lowe’s, I Went Looking For Him And...

  5. 5 Bring A Toddler To A Wedding They Said, It Will Be Cute They Said

  6. 6 My 4-Year-Old Found Permanent Markers And Is So Proud That He Is Now Darth Maul

  7. 7 Walked In The Bathroom To Find Our Precious Child "Washing" A Book He Found

  8. 8 My Friend Got Tired Of His Kids Losing The Remotes

  9. 9 “Mum, I’m Going To Boil An Egg To Have On Toast” Me Yelling Back From The Bathroom “Just Give Me A Sec & I’ll Show “Boom”

  10. 10 Kept Track Of How Many Times My 3-Year-Old Asked Me “Why?” In One Day

  11. 11 Actual Photo Of Me Waiting For My Daughter To Finish Her Homework

  12. 12 Son To My Wife: "Mommy , Let's Play Army Guys. You Can Be This Guy Because He's Vacuuming."

  13. 13 I Fed My Kid Real Food For The First Time

  14. 14 Motherf**ing 3-Year-Olds

  15. 15 My Cousins Had A Paint Party At Their Daycare And Now They Look Like A Cartoon Character When A Bomb Explodes

  16. 16 Momming Ain't Easy

  17. 17 My Wife Cutting My Daughter's Skirt Out Of A Scooter Axle On Mother's Day

  18. 18 My Daughter Found The Diaper Cream

  19. 19 We Got These Bathroom Doors Because We Thought They Were Trendy. That Was Before We Had A Toddler

  20. 20 I Am A Lawyer, My Son Told Me He Had To Tell Me Something, But First Wanted Me To Sign This

  21. 21 Sometimes You Get A Playpen To Keep The Kid Out

  22. 22 "I Went To The Bathroom And Forgot To Shut The Door"

  23. 23 The Joys Of Parenting

  24. 24 The One And Only Time I Forgot To Put Up The Baby Gate Before I Showered

  25. 25 Daughter’s First Camping Trip. This Is How She Wakes Me Up At 6:15 In The Morning

  26. 26 Have A Baby They Said... It Will Be Fun They Said.... (Decibel Meter For Reference)

  27. 27 One Picture Has Never Encapsulated My Life As A Parent More

  28. 28 Girls' Room Wasn't Getting Warm So I Took Apart Their Vent, I Now Have A Great Way To Illustrate What It's Like To Have Four Children

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