10+ Places Where People Would Never Expect To Experience Pareidolia

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  1. 1 He Fried For Our Sins

  2. 2 A Shark Hanging Upside Down Looks Like Someone Laughing Maniacally

  3. 3 Throwing Shade And Disapproval

  4. 4 Bad Omen?

  5. 5 Get Yourself Someone Who's As Happy To See You Like This Beer Is Happy To See Me

  6. 6 The Water Flying Onto This Elephant Looks Like An Elephant Too

  7. 7 You Get Afraid Thinking These Are Ku Klux Klan Members Until You Realize They Are Only Closed Parasols In The Beach

  8. 8 Cat Or Dog Jumping Over A House? Which One Do You See?

  9. 9 This Eroded Rock

  10. 10 All Dogs Go To Heaven

  11. 11 The Makeup Squirt On My Sponge Resembled A Cat This Morning

  12. 12 This Plastic Bag Looks Exactly Like A Cat

  13. 13 Treacherous Bedroom Lamp Shadow

  14. 14 This Odd Bonsai

  15. 15 This Plant That Looks Like A Human Face

  16. 16 My God

  17. 17 Hello, Little Sundog

  18. 18 This Incredible Carrot Hand Was Found While Digging Juice Carrots At Our Farm Today

  19. 19 Lady In White Waterfall

  20. 20 Was Cooking Pasta When Suddenly Cookie Monster

  21. 21 When You Just Can’t Bear It Anymore

  22. 22 This Microphone Looks Like He Really Messed Up

  23. 23 This Cactus Looks Like It's Giving The Middle Finger

  24. 24 There Was A Sausage From Breakfast In The Fridge That Fell In, Thought Someone Had Lost A Finger

  25. 25 Even My Coffee Cup Didn’t Want To Get Up This Morning

  26. 26 The Underside Of A Sawfish Better Known As “I’d Like To Speak To Your Manager”

  27. 27 Shadow Cast By My Light Looks Like The Gingerbread Man Hanged Himself

  28. 28 My Duckling Has A Husky On Her Beak

  29. 29 Honestly, I Feel Threatened Right Now

  30. 30 This Rock Resembles A Dog

Source: BoredPanda

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634 shares, 102 points