10+ Reasons ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Is The Greatest Halloween Film Ever

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  1. 1 First of all, the opening song, “This Is Halloween,” is one of the most iconic songs of this hallowed season.


  2. 2 And when Pumpkin King emerges from a damn GREEN FOUNTAIN, we are all immediately floored.


  3. 3 Serious magic happens when Jack laments in the graveyard and this curly hill unfurls.


  4. 4 And whenever Mr. Skellington screams, “I, Jack, the Pumpkin King,” your entire soul shakes.


  5. 5 When Jack said he could recite Shakespeare, everything you learned in high school English suddenly seemed interesting.


  6. 6 Tim Burton made sure to throw in some references for ~grown ups~ that were actually pretty damn good.


  7. 7 Your cold Halloween heart turned warm when Jack discovered Christmas Town for the first time.

  8. 8 And watching him prance through the snow and lights was like watching a curious puppy scamper about.


  9. 9 The scene where Jack explains Christmas to Halloween Town is so dark and gross that it’s actually adorable.

  10. 10 Sally is the definition of rebellious when she throws herself out a window and sews her limbs back on just to see Jack.


  11. 11 Lock, Shock, and Barrel are brilliantly terrifying when they plan to kidnap “Sandy Claws” and “chop him into bits.”


  12. 12 And you get this strange sense of sympathy when they accidentally kidnap the Easter Bunny.


  13. 13 The scene where Jack uses the scientific method to research Christmas was perfectly crafted, tbh.

  14. 14 Gifts like a bloody duck and dead turtle during “Making Christmas” somehow seemed weirdly appealing.

  15. 15 Jack is so damn adorable the first time he tries on his personalized Santa suit.

  16. 16 Sally’s emotion is so raw when Jack leaves for Christmas Town that you feel it in your own body.


  17. 17 The reactions to Jack’s Christmas gifts to children on Christmas are pretty much priceless.

  18. 18 And this kid’s reaction when the snake eats his tree is CLASSIC.


  19. 19 Though he’s terrifying, Oogie Boogie’s jazzy tune to the Sandy Claws is kinda hot.


  20. 20 Disney shows an unusually wonderful and sexual side of itself when Sally uses her leg to save Santa from Oogie.


  21. 21 When Jack realizes he’s not great at Christmas, but he is still the ? damn ? Pumpkin ? King ? is incredible.


  22. 22 The scene where Jack stands up for Sally and Santa makes you want to grab anyone who’s ever hurt your friends and step on their face.

  23. 23 When Oogie starts unraveling and bugs crawl out of his skin is truly incredible — remember this was all done in stop motion.

  24. 24 Watching the citizens of Halloween Town discover snow is so damn heartwarming.

  25. 25 And, of course, when Jack and Sally finally realize they’re perfect for one another, your faith in (weird, dark) love was reignited. ?


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