10+ Totally ‘Uncalled For’ Things That Ever Happened In The Hospital

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  1. 1 Saw This Next To The Weighting Scale At The Hospital

  2. 2 The Definition Of Nurse

  3. 3 Had My Leg Amputated And My Brother Shows Up To The Hospital Dressed As A Pirate

  4. 4 The Female Nurse Didn't Think I Was Funny. The Male Doctor Couldn't Stop Laughing

  5. 5 Who's Gonna Stop Me?

  6. 6 He Keeps Taking Them Down For Some Reason

  7. 7 Photo Taken Outside Children's Hospital In Los Angeles. Smart Kid

  8. 8 This After Hours Clinic Has Got Jokes

  9. 9 I Didn't Want To Go To The Hospital When I Had Life-Threatening Illness, Because My Elderly Pet Ducks Required Daily Medications At The Time. I'm The Only Person They'll Allow. The Nurses Let My Husband Sneak Them In At Night

  10. 10 Woman Ends Up In Hospital After Mistaking Builders Expanding Foam For Hair Mousse

  11. 11 Leech Jailbreak

  12. 12 Had To Get My Blood Drawn Today. This Was On The Wall At The Lab

  13. 13 Was At The VA Hospital Today When I Ran Into This Guy And His Shirt

  14. 14 Christmas Tree At My Fertility Clinic

  15. 15 Girlfriend's Eye Doctor Hit Her With A Good Ol' Dad Joke

  16. 16 After Crushing And Fracturing His Finger, This Is How My Boyfriend Passed Time While Waiting In The ER

  17. 17 These Removed Fish Hooks At My Local ER

  18. 18 Comforting To See In My Doctor's Office

  19. 19 I Think I Have Found The Worst Game Ever

  20. 20 This Building Is Like Someone Was Making It Up On The Fly

  21. 21 He Takes It Rather Well...

  22. 22 So I Was On The Toilet At My Hospital (Children's) And I Look Up To Find This On The Wall

  23. 23 Three Broken Ribs Yet Grandma Still Knows How To Keep Her Spirits Up During Hard Times

  24. 24 Made My Day... And Her's

  25. 25 The Only Book In My Doctor's Waiting Room. I Think I Chose Well

  26. 26 An ER Nurse And Her Coworkers Decided Gummy Bears Needed To Be Renamed

  27. 27 Yeah, No More WebMD Bullshit

  28. 28 The Fertility Clinic I Work For Received This Card From A Urologist

  29. 29 Friend Had An Allergic Reaction And Took A Hospital Selfie

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