10+ Uncanny Shadows That Might Freeze Your Brain For A Second

Every shadow is different 1 min

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  1. 1 My Friend Adam Has A Dog Who Has The Creepiest Shadow Ever

  2. 2 The Shadow From The Dirt On My Window Looks Like Mountains

  3. 3 The Shadow Of This Fence Is A Piano

  4. 4 My Window's Shadow Is A Cat

  5. 5 The Way This Cargo Ship's Shadow Looks Like A City Skyline

  6. 6 The Shadow Of This Leaf Looks Like A Dragon

  7. 7 The Cameramen's Shadow Looks Like A Labrador

  8. 8 Giraffe's Shadow Looks Like A Unicorn

  9. 9 So Apparantly My Toothbrush's Shadow Pays Attention To Its Oral Hygiene As Well

  10. 10 These Shadows From Two Palm Trees And A Lamppost Look Like A Lion

  11. 11 The Shadows Of Two Strangers

  12. 12 The Shadows Of These Windows Make An Optical Illusion

  13. 13 The Top To My Gas Tank Casts The Shadow Of Batman At The Right Angle

  14. 14 Pen Made Of Recycled Water Bottles Casts A Shadow Of A Water Bottle

  15. 15 Two Girls Casting A Gorilla Shadow

  16. 16 The Shadow Correctly Labels This Dog

  17. 17 The Shadow From The Toilet Paper Roll Looks Like A Hummingbird

  18. 18 The Shadow Cast By Pegs On My Clothes Line Looks Like A Rock Band Finishing A Set

  19. 19 Interesting Shadow Created From My Light Shade

  20. 20 The Curtain In My Room Made A Shadow On The Ceiling That Looked Like A Car

  21. 21 This Shadow On A Garage Door Looks Like Rambo

  22. 22 I've Never Seen Such A Friendly Shadow Before

  23. 23 Shadows

  24. 24 Bird Casts A Shadow That Looks Like A Fish

  25. 25 The Shadow From This Mounted Bulls Head Looks Like It Has A Human Body

  26. 26 The Dog Made A Cat Shaped Shadow

  27. 27 Her Shadow Looks Like A Unicorn

  28. 28 Shadow Gives This Mannequin A Fablulous Moustache

  29. 29 Giraffe Shadow

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2.4k shares, 96 points