10+ Uncomfortable Photos That Might Make You Want Fix Every God Damn Wrong Thing In Them

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  1. 1 This Sunflower Doesn't Want To Face East

  2. 2 The Way My Wife Opens Things

  3. 3 Worst Flight Ever

  4. 4 ``Spent Hours Completing This Mildly Infuriating Puzzle And Now I Can't

  5. 5 I Lost A Loved One Today. I'm Not Sure Which One Yet, But Whoever Cuts Cheese Cake Like This Is Dead To Me

  6. 6 Someone At Work Asked If They Could Have One Of My Sudafed

  7. 7 Why?

  8. 8 This Shitf Key

  9. 9 Toughest Decision Of My Life

  10. 10 This Guy's Tattoo

  11. 11 I Asked The Lady To Cut My Sandwich Into Three Pieces

  12. 12 The Monopoly Deed Cards Are Cut Wrong. I Can Barely Focus On Bankrupting My Kids

  13. 13 That One Window

  14. 14 This Elevator Button Panel

  15. 15 This Stovetop

  16. 16 “Just Look At The Time!”

  17. 17 Number Of Holes In These Waffles Doesn't Match The Iron They Are Sitting In

  18. 18 Ummm

  19. 19 I Opened My New Sketch Pencils Today And Honestly, I Don’t Know What I Did To Deserve This

  20. 20 These Tables At My Teaching Workshop

  21. 21 This Bathroom

  22. 22 My Wife And I Spent The Night In A Quiet Bed And Breakfast Last Night. This Kept Me Awake For Hours

  23. 23 This Is Why I Don't Let Guests Empty My Dishwasher

  24. 24 The Circle On The Netflix Volume Control Isn’t Centred On The Line

  25. 25 Asked If They Could Cut It In Half To Split With My Boyfriend

  26. 26 United Terminal, O'Hare Airport, Chicago

  27. 27 My Door Number Is 308, They Installed It Upside Down Though

  28. 28 My 3-Year-Old Insisted On That Pink One

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