15 Pictures That Prove Photography Is The Biggest Lie – Here’s How They Do It

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A story lies behind every photograph and these photographs cherish a moment from your life once again. Sometimes, some pictures make us stun for a moment on how could it happen? Pictures take out different emotions at the same time, sometimes we are like ‘wow’, sometimes it’s ‘OMG’, and in some cases, it is ‘aww.’ But, do things really tell the ‘truth’ or photography is the biggest ‘lie’? These pictures show how ‘photography’ is the biggest lie ever told.

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It’s totally unnatural on the part to find such a bunch of flowers as a bouquet except in the pictures. The above picture shows how this ‘abstract’ picture is created.

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It is a task of bravery to stand this near to a tornado to get a stunning click to upload it on the Internet. Another way of the story is the artistic quality of a person to create a landscape picture.

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Are you watching closely? Is it fox entering the camera or otherwise?

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A beautiful picture of 25m under the sea. However, seeing how such photography is done is creepy.

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A room without gravity or gravity doesn’t really exist?


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No one ever passed that door. You don’t believe? Check the second picture.

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Another wedding picture from the movies’ scene? The second picture tells the truth of photography.

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We see water splashing behind a sexy girl? But behind the scenes tell us who did the ‘splash.’

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Vintage cars in the high-definition quality picture? Does it ring a bell? Miniature cars blow a horn.

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Can you even imagine M&M’s in water drops? I guess, nobody can.

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Another picture which shows us photography is the biggest lie ever told to the humanity.

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“We want a Hollywood style wedding picture.” – Wedding couple.

“Say no more.” – Photographer.


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It is a long process of placing a man beneath the basin filled with water and then clicking a picture. Can we call it an excellent picture with some astonishing effect?

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A guy is trying to not let her girl fly in the air, but the picture behind the scenes tell us another story.

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No one can even guess, it is actually a desktop background.

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