17 Before & After Makeup Transformation Photos That’ll Make You Wish You Were Better At Makeup

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Girls and Makeup, two things go together everywhere. No matter where a girl lives in, she can’t survive without makeup. There some who are too good at it, on the other hand, there are some who are not so good at it. What happens, in the end, is that the ones who are good with makeup uploads these amazing makeup transformations leaving the ones with not so good at it wondering how to improve their makeup skills. Uh, this world. 

#1. I’m the slave of GLOW!!!

#2. Ah, this woman went from ‘Please date me’ to ‘Buzz off idiot’ real quick

#3. The Killer Smile, eh

#4. What’s more pretty? The dress or the woman?

#5. What’s better? The striking gloss or those damn good-looking lashes?

#6. The power of makeup leaves everyone shocked

#7. The Bronze Princess is here!!


#8. Blemishes? Dull Eyes? Who TF cares?

#9. The Sunshine Glow


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114 shares, 129 points