20 Incredible Fakemon That You Wish Were Real

Don't you wish Gamefreak would pick up some of these incredible designs? 1 min

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Most of the Pokemon you see you love, right? But some can be completely bland to you. These fake ones though, will make you wish they were in the game!


Credit to the designs: https://oddpenguin.deviantart.com/favourites/42294795/Cool-Fakemon

  1. 1 Calalia/ Atlalia

    These psychic/rock fakemon look out of this world.

  2. 2 Cranallu/Baaldoze

    These creep dark/rock types aren't anything to mess with.

  3. 3 Aquana/Galacial/Zubzilla

    This three stage water/ice evo goes from looking sorta derpy to completely fearsome.

  4. 4 Graveleo/Simboulder

    These rock types look like they could seemlessly fit right into the real Pokemon world.

  5. 5 Fanling/Sharping

    Totally adorable but don't cross em or they'll get ya good.

  6. 6 Lolitus/ Lotalilli

    Cute, but creepy at the same time? I love it.

  7. 7 Brawltle/Kabumo

    Sweet and cute and then an absolute monster.

  8. 8 Oakid/Oaking

    What wonderful trees they are.

  9. 9 Stumpyro/Burninwood

    Who knew trees on fire could be so bad ass?

  10. 10 Pixagonal/Mayagonal

    These psychic/steel types are out of this world with a cosmic design.

  11. 11 Hoofire/Flariot/Volcengine

    Rev up your engines for this 3 stage fire/steel fakemon to run right through you.

  12. 12 Gnashark/Crunchark/Thrashhark

    Looks like Sharpedo may have had some influence on this but this line is just scary good.

  13. 13 Phantome/Magopus/Soceread

    This fakemon line just looks cute and mad smart.

  14. 14 Soldobule/Rapiore

    Something about this steel/fighting duo is just so cool.

  15. 15 Flutterite

    An alternate evolution from Dragonair and it's just perfect.

  16. 16 Harpool/Aquarpoon

    Adorable and derpy to looking like Tentacruel's metal brother.

  17. 17 Calichick/Typhloom/Windahlia

    I never thought a grass/flying line could be so perfect. This is just majestic.

  18. 18 Emperock

    Purely badass.

  19. 19 Aidog/Vacanine/Houndhero

    From precious and adorable pupper to big brave woofer.

  20. 20 Bubbelame/Azureryu


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