20+ People That Found Interesting Objects Left In Buildings By The Previous Owners

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  1. 1 They pulled up the carpet and found this.

  2. 2 Dad and child found a trapdoor when they were moving things in.

  3. 3 This person found a treasure in their bathroom.

  4. 4 This vintage space theme wallpaper was found in a old farmhouse under three layers of wallpaper.

  5. 5 The Walgreens in my neighborhood used to be a bank and they used its vault as their vitamin section.

  6. 6 They found this awesome paw print on a brick.

  7. 7 This person was decorating their new home when they found this under a layer of wallpaper.

  8. 8 This pub in England has a table that has a well in the middle of it.

  9. 9 1800's cemetery underneath a tall building.

  10. 10 Their new apartment has an old milk door under the cabinets.

  11. 11 Wanted to replace the carpet and found a old cellar door with a surprise inside.

  12. 12 They found this message when they removed their cork floor.

  13. 13 The house was flooded and that is how they found this old hippie mural.

  14. 14 This person's house is a old police station and it even has the old cell doors but it is just painted now.

  15. 15 Found some friends in a mile-long tunnel that travels beneath my apartment building.

  16. 16 Drawings found under wallpaper.

  17. 17 Piece of the wall broke and it exposed years of layers of paint.

  18. 18 This living room was built around a huge sand stone rock.

  19. 19 100-year-old elevator handle.

  20. 20 They unconvered this at a Time Square construction site.

  21. 21 I recently moved into a 70s porn motif dream home. This is my bathtub.

  22. 22 This house still has the original well as a feature.

  23. 23 These "Tom and Jerry" type mouse holes gnawed in a house built in 1741.

  24. 24 This person only realized now that their back door handle is a spoon.

  25. 25 They just moved into this house and made a huge discovery.

  26. 26 Apparently in the 1950's it was okay to dispose of your razor blades through the wall.

  27. 27 Renovating their basement and found this on the wall behind the cement.

  28. 28 Found this 20-year-old promise hidden under the wallpaper in our new house.

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455 shares, 117 points