25 Year Old Guy Invents Smart Gloves That Can Auto-Translate Sign Language Into Speech

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A large proportion of world's population is facing hearing impairment problem. which further leads to difficulties while communicating with others for them. A young person of age 25 years, Roy Allela, from Keyna, invented a special set of gloves which convert sign language into audio speech.

The reason why he thought of inventing some thing like this is her 6-year old niece who was born deaf and had difficulties communicating with her family members.

These smart gloves are known as Sign-IO and they work with the help of sensors on each finger. They run after connecting via Bluetooth which further vocalizes the signs.

As per Roy, his niece is intelligent and is very good at understanding the concept of lip reading. He also wants his invention to be used in primary schools of the west part of Kenya and he has already contributed it to a rural school in South-West Kenya. He created a mobile application to understand different speeds of speech of different people.

People using this application are allowed to select their language as well as gender. The results are 93% accurate and this percentage of accuracy is really impressive. Also, you can design these gloves in customized ways so that it does not look like any technical device with a boring look.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers awarded Roy for his beautiful invention.

He is trying to invest the award money for the betterment of the app and this is really good on his part. His ambition is to help out the people of Kenya in any way possible with the help of this invention.

Source: BoredPanda

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