This 4Chan Story About A Girl Named Karen Will Definitely Leave You In Tears

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Having fun all the time is definitely a priority. However, times come when every person should change. To put it in a better way, times change people and force them to do things they never wanted to do. Such is the story of a girl named Karen who just wanted to fill in her part in the society as one beautiful girl living a healthy life. Though there are some monsters who don’t kill people their actions are enough for making people kill themselves. BULLYING is a CRIME. 

Everything begins due to jealousy or a simple desire to hurt someone else to have a good laugh. Who are we to judge someone else? Who are we to tell someone that they are not good enough to live in this world? We are NOBODY. We live around and in the end, we die. All of us are humans and we should respect each other for what we are. Bullying is not the answer to having fun. Spread love instead. If you notice a group bullying someone, take a stand for them, you could save a life in the process. 

This is a heartbreaking story that narrates the story of Karen, a girl who was bullied every now and then. A girl who failed to carry the burden of these verbal abuses. And guess what? All she needed was a friend. Instead, she got verbal abuses in the form of nicknames and cheap talks. Not everyone is born beautiful but their personality makes them what they are. When will we stop discriminating people on the basis of looks? This is not a DARK JOKE, you are turning someone’s life into hell. It is the DARK REALITY, face it. 

Source: Imgur

Read her story:

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96 shares, 111 points