About BroPls


BroPls is a digital website that has everything from animals to quizzes to breaking news to celeb news to all the trending material you’ll love to share on the internet! Our network includes our website alongside Facebook, Pinterest and many other digital platforms.


Everything started with a Facebook page that grew over the course of days. However, it was not the page that inspired us to make BroPls. All the responses that we received from our fans gave us an idea of creating a place where our fans would get everything that they want exclusively presented to them in the best possible way.


BroPls was made with an initiative of spreading happiness all around the world. We create pictures and data as well as collect them across the web to ensure that our audience is entertained every minute of the day. We have also taken an initiative of spreading comics written by artists who want to spread the reach of their art across the world. In a nutshell, we want our audience to stay happy all the time and consider BroPls a mean for getting rid of depression as well as a place where they could find everything that they want. All we want from them in return is for them to SUIT UP and get ready to have a fun ride!


Murtaza Bohari

Murtaza Bohari is a co-founder of BroPls. He handles the content writing department as well as the technical department of BroPls. Outside of BroPls, Murtaza likes to spend his time studying new aspects of technology and collecting information regarding everything that is happening around the world.

Prathamesh Deshmukh

Prathamesh Deshmukh is a co-founder of BroPls. He handles the social media team of BroPls. Outside of BroPls, Prathamesh likes to spend his time in carving out ways to become a good social media marketer.