Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles TV Series Will Premiere On Hulu

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After a long wait, the TV series adaptation of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series has found a place to amuse its audience.

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the TV series has found a home at Hulu and the streaming powerhouse has already put the project into official development phase.

Despite facing competition from many other streaming giants, Hulu managed to beat all the odds and officially took over the vampire drama series.

The search for Bryan Fuller's replacement is still going on since he decided to not fill in the shoes of Anne Rice. In this instant, Anne Rice and Christopher Rice will act as executive producers on the series alongside David Kanter and Steve Golin while searching for a showrunner for the TV series.

As per certain reports, it is believed that this new series will be revolving around The Vampire Lestat that briefly explores the origins of the character. It takes a few years before Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire.

Author's Note: I'm super excited to see the books get a TV series adaptation and I believe other fans are just as much excited. I'm sure Hulu will do justice and give us one hell of a show.

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