Artist Makes Use Of Used Tires People Threw In Streets To Make Beds For Animals

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Artist: Instagram

Nothing shines brighter than a good heart. Every good work always pays off. The young Brazilian Craftsman, Silva, is surely a man with a good heart. He turned old tires into new homes for animals after doing hard work for one and a half years.

It all started two years ago when he was looking for a way to earn money from the trash thrown by people on the streets. Silva always loved making handcrafts from trash thrown away.

This effort of creating something new did well for him as well as for the environment.

In his opinion, dogs were using trees as a refuge so he came up with the idea of making a home for the animals living in the streets.

He started collecting trees from the streets in his backyard. He even used one of his rooms especially for this purpose.

In addition to beds, he also creates containers for the plants.

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899 shares, 114 points