Aww! Rocksy The Raccoon Knocks On A Woman’s Door Every Day, Asks For Food For Her Family

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Introducing Rocksy The Raccoon, an intelligent animal who learned how to knock a door just to ask for food for her family. Rocksy every day pays a visit to Susie Chinn who lives in Sarasota, Florida. In the process, Rocksy possibly became the lady’s special visitor, the one who always knocks on her door. 

Rocksy The Raccoon visits Susie Chinn’s home every day in order to ask food to feed her babies. The raccoon also figured out that whenever the cat food bowl on the lady’s porch was empty, she can simply visit Susie’s home and knock the door in order to ask Susie to refill the bowl with food for her. This way, she not only steals the food from cats but also asks for Susie to refill it for her as per her requirements. What more? Rocksy the raccoon, even learned to use a rock to knock the door. Watch the whole thing here:

Video Source: zoosielovesconcerts (youtube)

Every day, Rocksy simply picks up any of the nearby rock and taps it on the porch door to gain Susie’s attention every time. Susie has no idea whatsoever about how the raccoon learned to this, but she certainly thinks that what Rocksy does is utterly incredible. The woman talked about the matter with Inside Edition by saying:

“She’ll bring her friends and just sit out there and snag all the cat food.”

Aww! Rocksy The Raccoon Knocks On A Woman's Door Every Day, Asks For Food For Her Family
Credit: Youtube

She also said that it has been over a year since the raccoon used to come at her asking for food. Susie added that even if she tosses the rock, Rocksy would simply get a new rock and tap it against the door again and again. 

On a side note, Rocksy the raccoon is a mother to four babies. She lives in a den with all of her babies nearby Chinn’s house.  She is definitely one of the most intelligent animals that the world has ever seen. Not only she’s adept at finding ways to get food for her children, but she even learned the way how humans knock door for calling out the owner of the house. 

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