Baby Watches Rocky And Thinks He’s The Next Sylvester Stallone

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How to encourage your child to prepare for a sports team or play in the garden instead of sitting in front of the screen? There is a funny way out to learn the entire training routine from Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky.

It happened recently when a baby tried this way out either on his wish or from his Stallone's fans - parents. The video is gaining a lot of attention in which a young kid is sitting in front of this all-time classic movie.

Well, he is not sitting idle in front of the screen. As soon as Rocky Balboa starts his training, the kid starts copying the montage. He has got the press-ups already in which he obviously uses two hands whereas Rocky makes the use of a single hand. But the kid is still very young and has a bright future in front of him if he continues showing the same level of enthusiasm.

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