Bunny Born With No Ears Got The Most Adorable Crocheted Sets From Its Owner

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Meet Mimi, the rabbit born earless with only three legs

However, thanks to Rodaija Welch, her owner, she has gotten some of her limbs back... in a way

Check out these adorable welch crochets custom bunny ears for Mimi

This idea came when the 22-year-old was in pursuit of coming up with a name for her

She said: “While doing some research my boyfriend Josh came across Kemonomimi, which is a form of cosplay where the characters have animal ears”

She added: “I got super excited and decided to make her her own pair of bunny ears”

Talking about it furthermore, she added: “She only wears the ears after I’ve just made them for pictures, or when she’s sitting with me”

She often creates rabbit-shaped ones but now recently experimented with a mouse-like pair too

Talking about it, she said: “She lets me put them on her but for safety reasons I don’t tie them in a knot so if she wanted to, she could just knock them off pretty easy”

The adorable bunny was adopted by Welch from another volunteer at the non-profit they work for, which offers care to pets of low income and homeless owners

Along with Mimi, Welch is fostering her mom & siblings until she is old enough to be on her own

“She’s about seven-weeks-old so it shouldn’t be long”

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