15 Obvious Differences Between Men and Women That Are Hilariously Relatable

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Well, we all know that men and women are entirely different from one another. From dress sense to the mindset, there is hardly anything which overlaps the thinking of both of them. Well, what can we say? Opposites attract! This is probably the reason why both of them are so unique and congenial with one another. Well, you do not realise the differences unless you see it. Here are some of the differences in actions between men and women we have added together which will make you LAUGH OUT LOUDER and make you say, “That is exactly what I do” for sure.

#1. Waking Up In The Morning

Well, it is true. Men have a natural talent for getting ready in 10 minutes whereas women take more than 10 minutes to decide their footwear.

#2. Looking Themselves In The Mirror

Men and women, both have different self-perspective when they are looking in the mirror. I see Arnold Schwarzenegger when I am looking in the mirror and, I am not even kidding.

#3. Going To The Barber Shop

Have a look at the picture below and tell us how real this scenario is. Women literally tell the people that they had a haircut. Whereas, in case of men, well, you just have one look and know that the guy just had his haircut.

#4. Space Required While You Are On The Bed

Tell us how true is this?

#5. Getting Over A Break-Up!

Since the evolution of humankind, it is assumed that it is easier for men to get over a break-up, but you tell us, is that really true? Initially, it might be, but as and when time passes, it becomes harder for men to get over the breakup.

#6. Checking Social Media After A Week

Men are lonely, enough said.

#7. Using The Public Washrooms

Women wait in the queue for their turn and there is no breaching the line. However, in case of men, they gotta go when they gotta go. They do not care about waiting in the line, hell, you wouldn’t even see a line outside Men’s washrooms.

15 Obvious Differences Between Men and Women That Are Hilariously Relatable

#8. Choosing The Clothes

Women NEVER wear the same thing they wore the previous day. Whereas, in case of men, one jean lasts for a week….. a month

#9. Selecting A Product

Men and women have different mindset while they are choosing a product for their body. Women look for every minute detail while they are selecting a product for themselves. And men, well, they just go for whatever is available.

#10. Men Focus On One Thing, Women are Into A Lot Of Things

It is true that when men do a work, their 100% Focus is on achieving the task at hand. Women, on the other hand, are processing so much at the same time which makes it difficult for them to concentrate on their work. Even their desktops are filled with their notes, while men have only the recycle bin on their desktop.

#11. While Telling Different Colours

It is proven by the neuroscientists that men do not detect tiny differences between colour shades, unlike women who detect it like white in the black.

#12. When Using The Washroom

Women have not much choice in this, however, men are different. Men aim at one target, hit the target and start thinking of pursuing a career in archery.

#13. Group Photos

Every guy-group photo looks like they are a professional sports team ready to knock their opponents out. However, women group photos are a lot different and they are much…closer to one another.


#14. The Difference in unreal

Everyone knows it. Men can’t stay one minute in this world without gaming. As for women, ah, they have a colorful childhood.

#15. A Man’s Normal Day vs A Woman’s Normal Day

The picture says it all, doesn’t it?

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