Here Are A Few Things That Make Us Question: Does Charlie Kelly Have Autism?

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Everyone’s favorite Kitten Mitten crazy man might have an undiagnosed reason behind all of his crazy.

His Crazy Voice Directions

He has trouble controlling the pitch of his voice; he yells a lot but doesn’t always intend to.

How Manic He Can Get

He's good at setting routines for himself, and following them, even though other people view them as strange or bad. For example: his mail system with him burn useless mail, sending undecided mail to himself or delivering important mail. Another example is the cat food/beer/glue system from when Dee spends the night at his apartment.

Trouble Outside of The Gang

He has trouble interacting with people outside of the gang, this is true in high school and in current times. He struggles to maintain a socially acceptable conversation during his date in 'The Waitress is Getting Married'. He attempts to follow a script that Dennis and Mac set up for him, but just ends up using it incorrectly

Sensory Issues

He likely has auditory processing issues. These may account for some of his trouble reading and writing. Auditory Processing issues can lead to problems following directions or like distinguishing between similar sounding words/sounds. It can also involve "hearing" what someone says but not understanding any of it, which is something he seems to do a lot of. He possibly has a restricted diet because of sensory issues with foods. In 'The Gang Hits the Road' we learn that he hasn't eaten many types of fruits, and when he tries a pear, he has an immediate sensory reaction to it. To most people, eating an unripe pear wouldn't be that bad, but he immediately says it tastes like sand.

Weird Foods

He frequently eats foods that he finds sensorily pleasing; for example: cheese. He also creates foods that he finds sensorily pleasing (milksteak).

Light Sensitivity

He may also like dark places, like sewers, because of a sensitivity to light.

His Ticks

He engages in self-stimulatory behavior by shaking his legs, tapping his feet, and tapping on things with his hands. Some of his "happy" stims are vocal outburts (shouting things) and clapping. Some of his "angry" or "upset" are shouting, pulling at his hair, almost cupping his hands over his ears, and touching his face.

Well, regardless of that, here are some more memes of Charlie Kelly that will never fail to make you laugh out loud:

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