Drake Reunites The Whole ‘Degrassi’ Cast In His “I’m Upset’ Video

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Drake just reunited the whole ‘Degrassi’ cast for his ‘I’m Upset’ video and all we want to do is thank him for making it happen. Here are some of the best stills from the video:

  1. 1 Oh yeah, it's SPINNER


  2. 2 and that's PAIGE


  3. 3 and MARCO and ELLIE

  4. 4 and don't forget CRAIG MANNING

  5. 5 and here we go, the Degrassi Community School

  6. 6 And the boys arrive


  7. 7 and look who's here too? TERRI and HAZEL

  8. 8 And wait, CRAIG and ASH are back together, once again

  9. 9 with EMMA and MANNY causing trouble as always

  10. 10 CONNOR's all grown up too man

  11. 11 and look who's here? MS. KWAN and SNAKE

  12. 12 with JAY and SILENT BOB showing up, just naturally

  13. 13 MIA is done with vampires and look closely, LIBERTY's back too

  14. 14 and come on, even RICK is back


  15. 15

  16. 16 TOBY

  17. 17 DEREK, DANNY and JANE are all grown up too, its all feelings coming down to the well all at once.

  18. 18

  19. 19 The whole video was totally worth it!

  20. 20 Thank you DRAKE!


Watch the full video here:

Photo Credits: BuzzFeed

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177 shares, 100 points