Internet Trolls The Artist Who “Tried” To Copyright Black Pigment

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Whenever something new as in ridiculous arrives on the Internet, people do not hesitate in making memes and jokes over it. So, this time an artist step forward to buy the rights to black pigment. Everyone found it to be a stupid decision and made jokes regarding it.

The whole thing started with various events created on Facebook.

It got followed by a few counter events.

Following that, the events overstepping the previous counter events

The sculpture was given the name of 'The Bean' to make it look 'serious.'

Some information regarding the man behind 'bean'

Born in Mumbai, Anish Kapoor is a British sculptor. Other than 'A bean', his popular works are:  'Sky Mirror' (located in Nottingham, England), 'Decent into Limbo' and 'Descension'

It didn't take long enough to unearth the deeper story behind Mr. Kapoor

Here is an image of Vantablack

The true hero of the story: Stuart Semple

Anish simply doesn't like the fact people are not fulfilling his egoistic desires.

Out of these two men, one is a legend and other one is an elitist.

Here begins, the true retaliation.

The birth of Black 2.0

A unicorn made out of Black 2.0

Some public statements made by Mr. Kapoor

Not to forget

Stuart Semple organized a 'kiss the bean' day on the occasion of Anish's Birthday.

Here comes the light

Source: Pupperish

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201 shares, 103 points