‘Lazy Town’ Robbie Rotten Actor Stefan Karl Stefansson Passes Away After Battling Bile Duct Cancer

Rest in peace champ, you will always be number 1. 1 min

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Stefan Karl Stefansson, the actor who played Robbie Rotten on the famous kid's show 'LazyTown' has passed away after having a long battle with cancer as per major reports.

A certain spokesperson from the actor's family told TMZ that the incident occured on Tuesday while Stefan was surrounded by his family and friends. The actor did battle the bile duct cancer for two long years before finally losing out to it.

Stefan Karl Stefansson was initially diagnosed with cancer back in 2016. He was even on a path to recovery after the surgery. However, the cancer took its toll out on him again in 2018 and it was termed inoperable.

For those who were not well acquainted with the show, here's a music video to take you back to 'Lazy Town':

We wish Stefan's family a speedy recovery from this shock and a swift message to pass on to heavens: Rest in peace Stefan, you will always be number 1.

Here's how Twitter reacted to this sad news:

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