10+ ‘Michu Life’ Comics That Perfectly Capture Life Of Every Girl

'Embrace the glorious mess that you are' 1 min

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These ‘Michu Life’ comics perfectly capture life of every girl. Check them out and don’t forget to like and share your favorite ones!

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  1. 1 Makeup is a real game changer

  2. 2 People that can put good captions are on a whole other level

  3. 3 How could we not see this coming?

  4. 4 The secret behind all the lost keys, bobby pins and earphones!

  5. 5 Now what can I say?

  6. 6 A peculiar thing to love but why not!?

  7. 7 GIFs and memes are our source of happiness :')

  8. 8 We all know that one person that just can not handle it!

  9. 9 Cat day is the best day!!

  10. 10 Sleep is for the weak.

  11. 11 In my case, it was 6 months!! YEAH THAAT MUCH!!

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85 shares, 99 points