NASA Finds Nearly Perfect Rectangular Iceberg In Antarctica

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Source: 9GAG

NASA captured this iceberg  in Antarctica a week ago as a major aspect of Operation IceBridge.

Sitting in the midst of a disorganized scatter of skimming ice, it looks flawlessly rectangular, as if it was purposely cut.

This 'berg is quite common. When we consider icy masses, we tend to consider colossal pieces of ice with pointy towers and vaults, with its mass reaching out down beneath the surface of the water. Yet, these are only one of two sorts of icebergs ordered by shape, called non-tabular icebergs.

University of Maryland Earth researcher Kelly Brunt said that you can consider it somewhat like a fingernail becoming too long and splitting off toward the end - this calving regularly results in immaculate, straight, geometric lines.

NASA? Reminds me of space, space memes:

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