Police Horses And Dogs Will Now Get Protected By Law All Thanks To BGT’s Finn

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Now, it will be a criminal offence to hurt or injure any police horse or dog. A new law is made, commencing from June 8, regarding the security of police horses and dogs. The whole credit about the formation of this law goes to the BGT’s contestant Dave Wardell and his dog Finn. Together, they have created history with the passing of Finn’s law which assures these dogs and horses aren’t ‘force property.’

This started back in 2016 when Funn was stabbed in the chest and got hurt while saving his handler Wardell. According to everyone, the 16-year old teen who stabbed Finn, got out of this matter very easily. Therefore, there was a need of a law for the protection of such animals.

Everyone was in tears when the pair appeared on Britain's Got Talent and the screen on their back showed the story of Finn's bravery.

Thanks to the duo of FInn and David that now the dogs and horses looking after us will feel more safer while protecting the people.

Source: LAD Bible

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