Portraits Of People Who Don’t Exist Created By Artificial Intelligence That Will Creep You Out

So, basically, advanced photoshop. 1 min

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The days are gone when people used to say robots could not sound creative. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not anymore limited to science-fiction or horror films, the technology is entering the art world. NVIDIA researchers released a paper in which portraits completely generated by artificial intelligence. But, there was a twist as none of these people didn’t exist.

According to the sources, the introduction of GAN was made in 2014. At that time, the portraits were black and white in grainy and semi life-like form. There is hardly any difference in today's pics as they fully resemble a life-like creature.

Today's researchers used the AI technology to copy the face structure of various sources and then portrait them into 'real' creatures.

The technology is not limited to only faces, it is used to create cars, furniture, and real estate.

Source: BoredPanda

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