Rare Glowing Blue Tarantula Is Creepy And Mesmerising At The Same Time

Well, have you ever seen a blue tarantula? 1 min

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The video is not for everyone, it may terrify you if you are not ‘spider-friendly.’ But the video is actually cool, as we do not see ‘blue’ tarantula on the regular basis.

The spider we are talking about here is originally found in Southeast part of India and is known as Gooty tarantula, metallic blue ornamental and Gooty sapphire ornamental. According to Theraphosidae, there are still doubts about its origin as it is commonly found in other parts of the country.

The British people are taking a sigh of relief as this creature is not roaming on their streets for now. However, the social media is showing a mixed reaction on the poecilotheria Metallica

A user commented this:

"I hate spiders so much that I scream like a girl when I see one; I have to have someone else deal with the spider."

While there was some positive reaction from another user:

"Very interesting, thanks; this is an example of structural color in nature made up of crystalline nanostructures but no blue pigment. The Pollia condensate berry is similarly iridescent."

Source: LadBible

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