Scary Nun At Restaurant Tried To Be Terrifying But It Backfired Massively

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An individual would do anything for gaining the attention of a person. However, Roberto Da Matta Filgueiras from MuriaĆ©, Brazil, was enjoying a dine at a local restaurant when he saw a ‘nun’ at the table next to his.

The person was cosplaying the nun really well with up to the mark makeup including the black coating on the lips and around the eyes.

Well, people do not understand it is the 21st century and they cannot ‘scare’ anyone like this. In addition to, the ‘nun’ was trying to scare people by giving them the look while eating the burger.

The video became viral as soon as Robert posted it on his Facebook page with more than 14 million views and 222K shares. The figure grew up in just a span of 4 days which is really astonishing.

One way or the other, the nun got the attention what the person wanted to seize while dressing i.e. being noticed by the world.

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128 shares, 108 points