‘Shy’ Man’s Life Got Completely Transformed After His Barber Tells Him To Grow A Beard

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A 21-year-old businessman, Gwilym Pugh, who started an insurance company in his spare bedroom, gained a lot of weight due to working from home. However. there were a huge breakthrough and a change in his life when his barber urged him to grow a ginger beard.

Pugh told a local newsletter, " At that time I was pretty overweight, working 12 hours a day, plagued with injuries which meant I couldn’t train at all. The business was doing okay, but I decided I needed to get my life in order and wanted to get healthy again.”

Several years ago, Pugh and his friends formed a folk band and his barber advised him to grow a beard to be a part of it. The newly formed musician decided to expand his transformation cleaning up his diet.

Currently, Pugh is working with a London based agency AMCK Models. Throughout his career, he has worked with Vans, Diesel, and many other big names. the biggest achievement of him has lead him to become the ambassador for David Beckham's new bran, House 99.

  1. 1 Gwilym Pugh was a shy man, working 12 hours a day from his home

  2. 2 But his life was never the same after Gwilym’s barber urged him to grow a beard

  3. 3 This is how the man looks now

  4. 4 “A picture says a thousand words…. Coming from being 22 years old, overweight, plagued with injuries, and unhappy barely leaving the house”

  5. 5 “I’m happier and healthier than I ever thought possible and doing things that didn’t even cross my mind to dream of”

  6. 6 Working as a model, Gwilym is even an ambassador of David Beckham’s new male grooming brand

  7. 7 Despite his success, Gwilym remains humble

  8. 8 “I think I’m lucky I got into this profession at the age that I did”

  9. 9 “I try not to get caught up in it all and my girlfriend helps a great deal wit that”

  10. 10 “Having worked in finance for years, the opportunity to work with creative people and travel around the world is amazing”

  11. 11 “It was the best thing for my health”

  12. 12 In keeping with his new look, Gwilym’s constantly maintaining his body

  13. 13 “Regular osteo treatment and morning mobility and HIIT workouts are what’s in order”

  14. 14 If this won’t convince you to grow a beard, we don’t know what will

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