Study Says Dogs Can Sniff Out Cancer With 97 Percent Accuracy

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Everyone is familiar with the habitual routine of dogs of sniffing around whenever you take them out on walks. Most of the time, you will notice them sniffing every possible thing on their way. This canine sense of smell is being used as a potential to help out humans. The dogs are found as companions in police operations, forensic investigations, and even detecting pests like bed bugs.

There is no doubt about the highly sensitive noses of these beautiful creatures. They have the ability to perceive what a normal human cannot with its senses.

A new study came forward which claims that the dogs are capable of identifying blood samples from people suffering from cancer at a high precise rate of 97 per cent. The dogs use their evolved sense of smell to come up with such accuracy of 97 per cent. This discovery can revolutionize the way in which we would see researchers sought out new methods to determine cancer in an individual using the canine sense of smell of dogs. It ranges from artificial intelligence to breathalyzer tests.

It has already begun as a start-up based in Florida, BioScentDx put forward their study of canine cancer detection in Experimental biology, a life sciences and medical research conference, last Monday.

During this experiment, the researchers used a well-known technique known as 'clicker training' to teach four beagles to detect the difference between blood serum belonging to a normal and healthy individual and those in persons suffering from lung cancer. Results were surprising as they scored an accurate rate of 96.7 per cent when they were provided samples of lung cancer patients and a better 97.5 per cent when detecting healthy samples.

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