The Evil Lives On In Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers At Halloween Horror Nights

Michael Myers is here, in real life. 1 min

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There are very iconic villains who can come close to the one who wears a jumpsuit alongside a featureless mask carrying his plunging knife. Michael Myers sure has some traits to look out for. The Boogeyman is back yet again to haunt you in ‘Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers’ at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights.

The whole film expanded on the idea of Michael Myers escaping from a prison transfer and hunting down his niece in Haddonfield. As he is on the course of eradicating his niece, he’ll take out everyone who comes in his path and trust me, no one will be able to escape his wrath.

You’ll have your chance of experiencing this nightmare coming right onto life on select nights dated from September 14 to November 3. Make sure you watch the film before you come to the event.

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