‘The Walking Dead: The Final Season’ Has Been Cancelled

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Source: ComicBook.com

As it was pre-decided, the Walking Dead will not end the same way by The Telltale Games. They are canceling out their project mid-season as per USGamer's Matt Kim.

If you didn't acknowledge it at first, Telltale announced that it was in the progress with a plan to keep a skeleton crew of 25 outside the crew unless a decision was made.

It is still a shock for the fanbase of the show as the final season kicked off with its first episode back in August and was about to release 2nd episode next week. However, it is not happening right now. The skeleton crew is instead of walking dead, will be working on Netflix series of Minecraft: Story Mode.

As it should be, all unofficial sources shouldn't be considered guaranteed. However, Netflix earlier announced regarding the update on Minecraft: Story Mode. There are no official sources for the left out resources and developers for The Walking Dead. Moreover, there is yet to be an official word out from Telltale itself, so let's wait for an official confirmation on this cancelation.

  1. 1 Remembering how cool The Walking Dead was, here are just some Disney characters re-imaged as The Walking Dead characters:

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