This Illustration Strip Shows The Obstacles Working Women Face That Exposes Today’s Reality

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It is difficult to be a woman

Whatever a man does, you have to do more than that. Nowadays, everyone expects a woman to handle the household as well as do a job. Hence, men clearly have an advantage over them. They do not have to take care of household chores, giving them an upper hand over working women in this race of life.

Keeping this situation in our minds, there is a comic which is floating around the Twitter world.

Businessman and Indian billionaire Anand Mahindra tweeted this comic to reach a wider audience.

The main message behind this comic is quite clear as the path of the men is easy and totally clear whereas in front of women there are various obstacles.

The original artist behind this viral comic is Peruvian political cartoonist, Carlin.

There was a mixed response to this tweet. Some men were offended over this while women appreciated the meaningful comic.

Whenever women's issues are discussed, #FeminismIsCancer emerges out of nowhere.

A positive response from women's side

However, tweeting alone is not enough

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