Tumblr Proved That Eve Was Innocent This Whole Time & Adam Was World’s First Fuckboy

'Adam was the only one who knew that the fruit was forbidden' - Adam wanted Eve's fruit. MEN WILL BE MEN. Was it really Eve's fault? Let the debate begin. 1 min

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We totally think that we know the story of Adam and Eve better than everyone else. However, let’s start with the basic. God made this godly couple and put them to live in paradise. 

Eve then devil talked Adam to let her eat the forbidden apple that led to God cast them into the hellhole ultimately leading to human’s existence in this world. THAT’S IT.

People usually blame Eve for committing the first sin but it was Adam who let that happen. Eve definitely disobeyed God. Definitely, she did. However, it was Adam who let his desires come in between in turn letting Eve eat that f'n forbidden apple. 

This Tumblr user set things straight by recounting how Genesis went down:

*Adam was the only one who knew that the fruit was forbidden*

God explicitly told Adam to not eat from that tree even before Eve was created. 

Still, Adam let Eve eat that forbidden apple without telling her that it was a forbidden fruit which brings us to the conclusion that is was Adam who committed the first sin.

This was the first time when 'man's passive nature' was exposed and now we have memes running on the internet stating, MEN WILL BE MEN. Well, it was Adam who started that trend.

A man doesn't interfere despite knowing that the woman in front of him is doing something wrong. He outright went against the God's wishes. ALL MEN ARE FUCKBOYS, ARE THEY?

Though even Adam ain't shit, just a fuckboy

BUT WHAT? Bible proves that men are root of all evil? O.o

The Simpsons GIFs that need to be everywhere


People often bring Eve's narrative in contention to make women think of their sinful nature. However, this post proves that she was nothing but an angel who got blamed because her man used her as a guinea pig.

What's your take on this story?

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