Tumblr User Shows How Pure Black Pool Can Turn Out To Be A Nightmare For You

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Who wouldn't have any desire to swim in a dark void?

All things considered, now you can. No, I don't mean actually, since there is no such technology as of now. Be that as it may, you beyond any doubt can counterfeit it with these dark tiled pools. These are simple pools which have dark tiles.

We as a whole know even these tiles are not pure dark, isn't that so? On account of the light, they would look dull blue or some other shading and that would demolish the aesthetic we have made a decent attempt to accomplish.

It is a thought that what would be the result if it was made of Ventablack? You must wonder, what is Ventablack? Well, it is a substance that can retain 99% of light and looks like an entire void notwithstanding when on a straight surface.

It sounds like a great idea, isn't that so? No. It is a very bad idea. A user has demonstrated it this and proved it wrong as 100%. Take a look beneath and have a look at his reasoning.

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