Is Weightless By Marconi Union Really The Most Relaxing Song Ever Recorded?

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According to a certain study, ‘Weightless’ by the Macaroni Union, correction, Marconi Union is probably the most relaxing song ever recorded in the history of humanity. I know it sounds like a drag and too good to be a true statement but remember, it has been proven that this song reduces anxiety up to 65%.


However, before listening to this song, we’d like to you read why this song has gained several including a certain account on Imgur. As per certain studies, it is believed that this song has a low pitch that resonates with the body and is not meant to be straining on the ears. YetAnotherCollegeStudent on Imgur says that this is the case with only some people. The account holder says:

“This is only the case with some people. For many others, myself included, this is one of the worst songs to listen to. If you have anxiety, I personally would not recommend listening to this song. In most cases I’ve seen, this song can increase anxiety and discomfort in people who are already under high levels of stress, anxiety, or depression.”

The account holder then states reasons regarding why this song increases anxiety for people:

  • Its tempo gradually slows down that results in gradual changes meaning that it never stays steady at any point.
  • It has a shallow pitch that results in having a pounding effect that ultimately increases the stress level of people hearing the song.
  • It has no repeating songs or melody.
  • It ends on a very high pitched note that can entirely ruin the relaxing effects of the song.

Here’s the song which is termed as the ‘most relaxing song ever’:

After stating the reasons, the account holder went on to mention some alternatives, check them out:

#1. Skyrim Music & Ambience Night

#2. Skyrim Music & Ambience, Taverns

#3. Relaxing Breath of the Wild Music

#4. Relaxing Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack

#5. Relaxing Studio Ghibli Piano

Do you know a song that can work better than these songs? Feel free to shoot your favorite ones in the comments section!

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130 shares, 109 points