‘Zombieland 2’ To Be Unleashed With Original Cast During October Of 2019

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Zombieland undoubtedly revived the zombie subgenre by mixing up 'some humor with horror', thus creating an exciting adventure for the viewers back in 2009.

Fast forward to todays time, there were some smirky rumors striking up around the corner about having a follow-up film revolving around the same development as the previous film starring the original cast of Zombieland since quite a few years. However, receiving a confirmation from the officials, we confirm that the sequel of Zombieland is definitely coming and what more? The original cast is going to grace your cinema screens sometime around October 2019.

You heard it right. Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Abigail Breslin are back to entertain you (and scare the sh*t out of you) with Ruben Fleischer donning the director's chair once again alongside the original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

Here's how the plot of Zombieland 2 will shape up as per Deadline:


Remembering Zombieland's success, it is noteworthy to mention that the film managed to gross around $100 million worldwide and is definitely expected to surpass those numbers with its planned sequel.

Nonetheless, all of us are eagerly awaiting the film's return. Film production is expected to begin somewhere around January 2019. So, just a simple question, on the scale of very much excited to very much f'n excited, how excited are you to watch Zombieland 2?

To curb your excitement at some levels, here are a few Zombieland memes to amsue you:

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